CUT OUT Hair FAST and EASY Compositing Tips in Adobe Photoshop 2020


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In this Adobe Photoshop 2020 tutorial you will learn how to quickly remove the background from your subjects, CUT OUT hair fast, and replace the background. We will be using a combination of the Background Eraser Tool, the Eraser tool, and the Magic Wand Tool to easily cut out the subject from the background

You’ll also learn some compositing techniques, such as how to put realistic glasses on your subject using a soft light blend modes and FX. Also, how to add a gaussian blur on the background layer.


Sample Hair Model Image File:
Brick Background Layer:
Transparent Rex Everscroll Glasses .PNG:


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    But what if the background is β€œbusy” with multiple colors and various intensity? That is a tutorial we need to see when you erase a background with a person with the same difficult hair.

  5. Apu Sista on February 7, 2021 at 8:27 pm

    The hair is good enough for matching bricks but if you put it on black, you will see why I am not impressed…

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    Thanks for sharing your knowledge to install & crack the aSc TimeTables, but you need to update it now because there is a 2021 version available now: you can get it here

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    Thank you for taking the time to make the vid, I needed a refresher course.

  26. Mike Kleinsteuber on February 7, 2021 at 8:58 pm

    Somewhat disingenuous as your thumbnail showed the girl against a stone wall and the impression was that you were going to cut her out of that. What you actually did was to cut her out of an easy white background. Not impressed

  27. Thomas Zhang on February 7, 2021 at 8:58 pm

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    Thanks but a very easy image to work on, what about one with many colors in backgound?

  32. Lies MΓΌge on February 7, 2021 at 9:05 pm

    For anyone else working with a NONWHITE or COMPLEX background:

    SOLUTION 1: instead of using the "Sampling Once" mode, I’ve had some success with the "Background Swatch" mode. To use this it’s really simple: eyedrop the foreground color (the color you don’t want erased) then switch to your secondary swatch (x) and eyedrop the background color you’re trying to erase. Switch the the foreground color: whichever color is ACTIVE is the one that the eraser will try to preserve, while the INACTIVE or "background" color will be erased. You’ll need to play around with the tolerances just a bit, but it’ll work much better for you than sample once, I’ve found.

    SOLUTION 2: Sometimes with seriously annoying backgrounds, or backgrounds that are close in color to your subject’s hair, this may seem tedious but it might SAVE you time (esp if you have an ipad): Use the selection tools to cut out your subject without the wisps of hair (I usually start with Select Subject, then clean things up using the lasso (on my ipad) or the polygonal lasso (much cleaner: 9/10 no one will notice perfectly straight lines… so just zoom in for more organic curves or switch tools, using the additive selection option); don’t be afraid of Select Subject. It WILL save you loads of time. Focus on cleaning up that selection). Once you have that done, mask your subject and then create a new layer, eyedrop the color of the hair, and "paint in" the wisps of hair using varying color samples and a very thin brush. Really try to blend it in… this takes a bit of artistry, but the bar is very low: zoomed out no one will notice the difference unless you’re using too thick of a brush

    I’ve been struggling with this for the longest time with complex backgrounds, and I’ve been continuously pointed to the refine selection tool–which has a mind of it’s own and never does what I need it to. This has been so helpful! The background removal tool is a little powerhouse. Thank you so much for this point in the right direction and for not being one of those annoying tutorialists that wastes the first five minutes of the tutorial. You got straight to the point, and I SO appreciate you respecting my time! Definitely going to look at more of your stuff! What a happy find!

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