Caught on Camera: Woman Walks Out Of Burbank Salon After Getting $900 Worth Of Treatments

Only On 2: It was an ugly crime. A woman walked into a Burbank salon saying she felt awful. When she walked out, without paying the $900 bill, the salon felt bad. Randy Paige reports. Subscribe to CBS Los Angeles for more updates now:

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  1. Shining Hawkstar on December 24, 2020 at 10:08 pm

    These GD "hair stylists" aka dressers are way too effing overlaid. Almost $1k for a 6 hour workday just to dye & cut 1 person’s hair??!! "Artistry"?! "Creative integrity"?! I think it’s the customers being ripped off. Professional Haur "color" & accelerant is $20 tops. So what is the extra $880 for? "Creative integrity",?’f^ck, I’ll go to 6 month "hair school" if I can make 5K in my 30 hr. Work week.