Since 2003, the Barber Shop Marketing has provided the local businesses of the north Texas region with premier advertising. Realizing that local companies were not receiving the same high quality marketing and branding that big name, nationwide brands enjoyed, we set out to drastically change it.

We have grown a lot since then, gaining a larger staff of professional employees and an impressive list of clients, but we still offer the same experienced advertisement and promotions businesses deserve. We even still have our founding members part of the team, proving our long term commitment to be the top choice for an advertising agency. In this day and age, we have transferring to a highly digital world. This means digital marketing is a huge event, but we have stayed on top of the game and strive to even be a step ahead, guaranteeing you and your business the most innovative marketing strategy. Social Media is a gigantic platform that businesses should take advantage of. However, it is very important that every post, whether it’s an image, video, gif, link, text, or any combination, is structured properly. We want to bring in the largest customer base by relating and intriguing, and that calls for an expert team that will take your brand and transform it into a strategy to reach the customers you need. The largest customer base is the ultimate goal, along with the ability to engage and converse with potential and current customers. All eyes are on you, and social media exists to show your company not just to one person, but anyone that stumbles upon it. As it is vitally important to take charge of the accounts and set up protocol, along with monitored posts, our digital marketing team at The Barber Shop is equipped with the knowledge to create the best strategy for you. Our consultations with you and your company are crucial to us. We want to learn everything about your company, who you are, and what makes it work. Do not be surprised if we show up to secret shop your business. We need to truly understand, from all perspectives, how you operate. When you choose to do business with us, we will discuss which of our services you will benefit from the most and would like to utilize. In this digital world, it is no wonder that everyone chooses some type of social media presence. We will get to work immediately and specially design the correct advertisement that fits your brand. As professional and experienced individuals in these strategies and platforms, you can be rest assured that we will take great care in not only the creation but the management of your social media. As each day passes, new sensations and tools are developed across the webFree Articles, and it is important that we stay a step ahead so we can adjust your presence to match and exceed your expectations from our team. 


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