I enjoy cut short hair fashions. I have had my hair style cut short before. It was enjoyed by my close buddies and children. They felt that the trend suited my face. Before I had my hair cut shorter, my hair was long. It stopped at my shoulders. It took me a quite awhile to decide to ponder a shorter hair fashion. I was critical as to how I will look. My sister in law had a cut short hair fashion but I still harbored criticisms. She looked like Halle Berry!! I complimented her on it. I started commenced to lose my hair in the back around my nape line and the more I lost my hair, the more I considered changing my hair. I had talked to my beautician about it. She said that I would appear nice with a shorter hair style. I knew that I should probably listen to her since she had taken care of my hair for very long. So I finally decided to let go of my worries and just cut it!! I will never forget how I felt once the barber was done. Even though I had just lost some hair, it was still astounding. To my surprise it looked great!! I believe that we as females should do more cut short hair styles. There are very many people out there wearing weave, extensions etc. I always feel that natural cut short hair styles are better than long and artificial hair. Whatever you prefer or whatever one thinks fits one do it.

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