How to cut your own hair. No hair don't care

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The lockdown home hair cut for men. Purchased the Conair Even Cut. My opinion about the way it cut my hair.
Hi, it’s Paul Cook from CBM Services in Victoria, British Columbia. On a personal note, trying to cut your hair, it’s virtually impossible. So I went out and picked up one of these bad boys. Went in, checked out London Drugs and Shoppers Drug Mart. They didn’t have any. So I checked online at Canadian Tire, and they did. So ran down and got mine. I would highly recommend going on their website and checking it out first before you waste your time and stand in line. Yeah, I think it did a really nice job. Here’s a little view. In combination with a battery-operated trimmer to clean up all the edges and stuff. It was pretty simple. You can go online and you can check out all the videos on how to use it and techniques and all that kind of stuff.

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