GENGHIS KHAN: – My father told me that he was a red head among a dark-haired people as I grew up. It made a lasting impression on a freckle-faced boy. Many other ‘red heads’ became the subject of my scrutiny including Jefferson and Jesus (according to Grey Owl in an interesting legend) as my life and studies progressed; but I have never found a definite entry to support what my father said about Temujin although the pictures of Mongols with red hair from the 10th century AD were something I noticed. Now, perhaps I can confirm his statement as we see Elizabeth Wayland Barber writing the book The Mummies of Urumchi. She says the following under photos of a painting from Cave 20 at Bezeklik near Turfan.

“Note the reddish hair and pale eyes of the man at right, as well as the typically Caucasoid features of both (big nose, round eyes, heavy beard). The early mummies are of this same type, as are many of the current inhabitants of the region.” (22)

The work of Mircae Eliade on the roots of alchemy called The Forge and the Crucible had clued me in to the ‘smith’ origin of Genghis Khan. These ‘smiths’ were shamanistic alchemists and his family was from a long line of them just as Solomon and Jesus are known to be, in the scholarly circles who care to track how knowledge has come down to us in the present dayArticle Search, this means something; but few other places.

The book ‘The Thirteenth Tribe‘ by Arthur Koestler tells a part of an alternative history in reference to the Jewish people which makes interesting reading when one considers how the Empires of Rome and Greece have dominated our ‘his’-story. In actual fact the safest and largest Empire during ‘his’-story is the Mongol empire created by Temujin. Why Marco Polo and other lies take precedence in popular opinion over the reading or writing about this great man and the Pax Tartaris is most instructive we think. We have more to say under Urumchi and Genghis as we proceed.

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