One common mistake hairstylists make is to impose the
trendiest hairstyles on their clients simply because these are the
“in” hairstyles for the season and they want their clients to be just
as “in.” This is a bad way to serve a client because clients come in
all shapes and sizes with different faces to boot so they each need a hairstyle
that is perfect for them and not necessarily the trendiest they can get.


What are the factors that you need to consider before
having your hair cut? Definitely, you aim for perfection or at least, a hair
cut that’s pleasing to the eyes. People generally have one of the five main
facial shapes which are oval, the oblong or long shaped face, round, square, or
heart shaped face. So what would it take for you to get the best haircut? Your
face shape is your basis for your hair cut session. And before you agree to a
supposed-innovative cut, consider the following unwavering tips:








But what about those clients who want to copy their
favorite celebrities? Should the hairstylist give in and give them that haircut
even if the style doesn’t suit the client? Well, even though there are top
hairstylists who consider their craft to be an art form, the truth is also that
haircutting and hairstyling is a business so if the client really insists, the
hairstylist may find it less stressful to just give the haircut and get it over
with rather than argue with the client. After all, it’s the client who has to
bear with the haircut for the short term anywayArticle Submission, not the hairstylist.

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